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Brief to INDU on COVID Pandemic Response, Barriers to Broadband

TNC 2019-404 STIR/SHAKEN Initial Comment 



Part 1 Application to Review and Vary Telecom Regulatory Policy CRTC 2019-269

TNC 2019-57: Call for Further Comments – Review of Mobile services

Soumission prébudgétaire 2020 de la CCSA

Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2019-57 

TNC 2018-422 Internet Code Final Written Comment 

Consultation Policy Direction on Competition and Innovation

TNC 2019-45 Broadband Fund Application Guide Initial Comment

ISED Spectrum Submission

Communications Legislation Review Panel

CCSA Written Comments 

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TNC 2018-422, Internet Code

Brief to INDU on Copyright Act Review, Retransmission Consent

Consultation, Revisions to the 3500 MHz Band,SLPB-004-18

BNC 2018-127, New Mandatory Basic Service, Initial Comment

TNC 2018-105, NG 911 Network Design Efficiencies

BNC 2017-365 Mandatory Distribution Renewals Final Comment

Response to OEB Modernization Panel

Bell Application Historia and Series+ Acquisition

FairPlay Application Site Blocking

BNC 2017-359 Future Distribution Phase 2 Comments

Letter to Kirsten Walli, OEB, Comments on OEB Draft Report


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TNC 2017-112 CCSA ITPA Final Comment Broadband Funding Regime

BNC 2017-365 Mandatory Distribution Renewals

BNC 2017-359 Future Distribution

Presentation to FINA, Oral Remarks

CCSA Submission to CIIT Study on Bilateral Trilateral Trade in NA between CA, the US and Mexico

Part 1, Ebox v Bell Media, CCSA Comment

Consultation, 600MHz Spectrum Auction

CCSA Submission to INDU Committee 26Sept2017

CCSA Submission to TRAN Committee 22Sept2017

CCSA Pre-Budget Submission 2017